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warriors heart dog board bed

Warriors Heart

Warriors Heart K-9 Bed/Place Board

$ 60.00
Comfort and Training.
  • Indoor/Outdoor 
  • Open Mesh, Lace-Up Style Cover, Allowing Easy Re-Tightening 
  • Resists Mold, Mildew, Fleas & Other Pests 
  • Powder-Coated Steel Frame in Matching Color, Matte Finish, has unique Square-End for Longer Frame Life 
  • Wide, High-Impact Plastic Legs 
  • Wipes Clean 
  • Ships Unassembled – No Tools Required for Assembly
How To Use
The board should be of sufficient size so that your dog feels comfortable once they're positioned on it. They should also know "sit" or "down" to a degree.
During training, guide your dog to the place board. Take a moment to use touch and voice reassurance so that your dog doesn't become intimidated by the board. Since the dog has learned the concept of "Place", it should be an easy transition from a mat to the board. When the dog puts his paw on the board, mark with a "Yes" and reward. Gradually up the requirement until they are following your commands, such as sitting or lying down.